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Edit wedding
videos faster & easier

We are developing software which marks your best shots
and detects defects in your raw footage
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Less routine —
more time for creativity

NAÏVE helps videographers to edit wedding videos faster and easier. Our artificial intelligence checks all your raw footage and sorts it into three tracks. It also detects defects: camera shake, overexposure, defocus.
Even more, NAÏVE picks your best shots with visual harmony and bright emotions. Use them to make a great video. No doubt, you create awesome clips. With our software, you can do it faster.
Defect detection
XML project for
your editing software
We pick the best shots
from your raw footage
Adobe Premiere Pro Final Cut Pro X Sony Vegas
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First reviews about NAÏVE

We have conducted a beta-test among videographers.
They seem to like NAÏVE. We hope that you will want to try it too.
I spent much less time to choose the clips for editing...
Michael Saharmentov, videographer, Moscow
It is much easier to work with NAÏVE. I spent considerably less time on selecting clips from my raw footage. It is great to focus on creativity. The software really worked for me in this video, yet there were slight nuances which require manual corrections. All the most important clips were in one track instead of several ones. This made editing easier and helped me to skip my usual routine.
Less than 3 hours to create a rough cut with music...
Michael Matizhenko, videographer, Moscow
The software actually detected the defects and marked the best shots. I have created a video using the track with all the best shots with intact conversations. I needed good audio so I have also used the middle track to get more usable footage. I have not used the track with defects at all. I have spent less than 3 hours editing this video (music choice included).

How does it work?

Below you will find an explanation of our technology.
Juicy examples provided.

How do we detect defects?

Our software detects defects so you can save time when selecting clips.

NAÏVE uses several neural networks to look through all your footage.
The software sorts the bad footage into a special category called “defects”.
Note, that we do not delete clips.
Camera Shake
Camera shake

Camera shake sometimes is really nasty. You never know if you can stabilize the footage. NAÏVE can mark camera shake. This allows you to use the most stable clips in your editing.

It's not always easy to rack the focus and catch the right subject quickly. We can't help you eliminate this but NAÏVE will detect defocus so you can decide whether to use the blurred ones.

Sometimes your footage gets overexposed. Sorting all this footage is a real routine. NAÏVE uses neural networks to detect if there is too much light in the clip.

What about the best shots?

We use neural networks to detect the best shots. Our AI is trained on 250 000 examples.
Shot Harmony
Shot Harmony

Many will argue that AI can't understand which shots are appealing. Well, it is not entirely true. There is a certain pattern across the shots which humans view as beautiful. Our AI is complex and uses many parameters.

Harmonious shots will allow you to create a great video which looks really appealing to the viewer. Use the best shots to produce the best content.
Emotion Recognition

Also, we think that the success of a wedding video depends on the emotions. They should be bright and positive. NAÏVE is trained to detect the emotions.
Emotion Recognition
Head Pose Estimation
Head Pose Estimation

As a feature, we have a head pose estimation. The software understands if the person is turned with their back to you. We also detect motion and general poses. A great shot may be spoiled just because there is a nape on it.

Head pose detection allows us to enhance the capabilities of other components of our artificial intelligence. Better AI means easier editing for you.
3D Face Indexing

It may sound too technical but this one is very useful. We detect and scan people in order to understand the quality of the shot better.
3D Face Indexing


NAÏVE uses cutting-edge magic to make
AI editing possible
Emotion recognition
Deep learning
Computer vision
Action recognition
Machine learning
Shot harmony detection
Face indexing

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