Edit videos faster
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Edit videos faster
Let AI do the most boring part of your job
NAÏVE™️ is a desktop app that separates good shots from defective ones

Windows and MacOS
Сamera shake
Сamera adjustments
After processing you will get:

You don't need to cut each clip in every project — NAÏVE™️ does it for you!
You will only have a pleasant part of the editing
Yes, it really helps
AI-powered technology finds and filters technical defects in your footage

Camera shake is really nasty: you never know if you can stabilize the footage. NAÏVE™️ marks camera shake and allows you to use the most stable clips in your editing

Conditions can change when you are shooting an event video. Weather turns from sunny to cloudy or you move to another location and have to change exposure while shooting. NAÏVE™️ filters this defect automatically
Start making great videos of these shots
Your filtered footage prepared for editing
Rest of the footage on
a separate timeline

You'll find defective shots below so you don't miss anything
3 simple steps:
Upload footage in NAÏVE™️

Get an .xml file with the filtered footage

Edit your video in
Adobe® Premiere® Pro
Rareș Gheorghiu
"As far as the experience is concerned, it works super great for the wedding-like things and report footages for a travel vlog. It just puts everything together and no problem! The camera shake thing went pretty good, although I took a couple of moments I needed for the mood at the video, so it's also cool that nothing is deleted."
Andrey Starov
"Regarding sorting, I am completely satisfied! The software left 55 minutes out of 1h20m, meaning there were 25 minutes of camera arrangements. This is my problem that I press start not only when I am actually going to shoot."
Stanislav Tsyganenko
"This software has really made my life easier! It is especially good for simple editing in chronological order, when I can just take the best shots together and go straight to the final cut edit. It actually feels like the future is here!"
NAÏVE™️ creates two tracks: best shots, which can be used for a rough cut, and defective shots, which are not so useful. Here is what we consider as defects:
  • Camera shake
  • Camera adjustments in the middle of the footage
  • Abrupt camera movements due to some accident.
Our neural networks are trained on thousands of hours of the real editing process and thousands of rough cuts. The technology is trained to choose the most useful clips for future editing.
— What if your software chooses irrelevant clips and I will have to check all the footage manually?
You will receive an e-mail with the download link. During the beta stage, we distribute our software through direct links, which allow users to download NAÏVE™️ from Amazon servers!
— What will I get after the purchase?
No worries! As we said, we will immediately send you an e-mail with the download link. Just open it from your computer and enjoy hands-free editing!
— I bought your software from my mobile phone. How do I get it?
No! You only pay once as you download.
— Do I have to pay for each project separately?
No! This is a beta version and it is distributed for $9.99 – as simple as that.
—Are there any paid features?
We do not currently offer student discounts. However, there is a referral program in the works.
— Do you offer student discounts?
Well, during the alpha testing everyone said that! Our biggest fear is that the users won't trust AI-powered editing. You can send us a sample of your raw footage and we will return you an XML file made by NAÏVE™️. Let's try it together!

— Still sounds fishy. A computer can't edit!
How is it possible?
It's science! We use machine learning and computer vision technologies. That means we taught our program with a lot of training data. NAÏVE™️ is trained on 250 000 videos to find technical defects.

Yes, it is smart but it doesn't require a super computer.
It can run on any machine suitable for video editing.

Save your Time & Money —
edit videos faster

Windows and MacOS
Windows and MacOS
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